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 Grrrrrrrrrrr........  Calm down Eulb, these are our guests. Hello and welcome to the new Blue Monster Lab. Yes, it is a website, but here, its really much more then that. This is my lab of creative ideas. We help advertise your business, school, organization, events and more. Actually, I have over 750,000 experimental products that I have tested and approved to be valuable for you.

Oh, I have not fully introduced myself. I am Dr. Blue, aka Marc Kozak, president and founder of Blue Monster Promotions located in sunny Florida. Come over here dear, this is my beautiful assistant, Nurse Blue, vice president and founder. She helps find new products to bring to the lab to see how we can creatively market to our test subjects.... ummmmm i mean clients.  If you have been reading this paragraph so far, you are now one of my test subjects. My mystical spray bottle hand sanitzer turns you into a zombie and now you are under my control. HAHAHAHAHA ( evil laugh ). I now advise you to sign up and help me experiment on your brand identity. Take a look around my laboratory, if you do not see what you are looking for, myself or my assistant, Nurse Blue can help.  Call us today at 203-927-2177 or email us at info@bluemonsterpromos.com.